2018 Hedges CMS Chardonnay, Columbia Valley

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99% Chardonnay, .05% Sauvignon Blanc, .05% Marsanne

Gorgeous light golden color. Lively blood orange and tart caramel apple, hints of cinnamon and buttered toast. There is a fun fresh mineral component to this wine, almost like fresh rain on cement. The palate has a nice tart entry, which leads you to a full and creamy mid-palate. There is a bit -o-butter, some fresh citrus and apple flavors with a touch of spice on the finish with just a hint of that blood orange. This is a serious Chardonnay, but that blood orange undertone is really fun! This is a wine you can get into and sip and sip and sip. You get lost in it, and eventually forget that you were supposed to make dinner, so you just pop up some corn and decide that it was supposed to happen that way.